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The "perfect" Griqua pattern pair

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I have just listed for sale what I consider to be the best 1890 Griquatown dated and undated Pattern pennies that I have ever seen.


They are certainly the best I have seen after years of watching. While the undated piece is not slabbed it is, in my view, in better condition than the PF 63 slabbed dated piece I am selling.


Very low starting price (as always) of R1,000 each .. and include registered airmail postage.


Would be interested in comments about their condition related to pieces out there!



Patterns - 1890 DATED Griquatown Pattern ANA PF63 for sale in Australia (ID:32196999)


Patterns - 1890 UNDATED Griquatown Pattern UNSLABBED for sale in Australia (ID:32197168)


This pair of patterns and their history can be seen at: The Griqua Town Proof 1890 Pattern Pennies - unissued


Images undated and dated:




Kind regards


Scott Balson

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