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KeyScrambler Personal - freeware

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KeyScrambler Personal - freeware


One of the greatest dangers you face online is the theft of your user name and passwords for logging into Web sites, such as banking and financial sites, and Web-based email accounts. If someone steals that information, they could potential empty your bank account, and pose as you using your email address.


This add-in to Internet Explorer and Firefox promises a simple way to keep you safe. As you type in your password, KeyScrambler Personal scrambles it so that the information sent out over the Internet doesn't match what you type. That way, someone won't be able to steal your private information.


A small icon sits at the bottom of the screen, telling you that KeyScramber Personal is going about its work. As you type, you'll also see the scrambled text that's being sent.


Visit: http://www.qfxsoftware.com/

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