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Snap Friday Cancelled - 14th January 2011

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Hi All


We do apologise for this unfortunate state of events. Due to some unforeseen technical issues, we have decided to cancel Snap Friday. Sellers will be refunded/credited their promotional fees including enhancements. Normal auctions that were due to close today will be extended to until Monday 4pm.


If you placed any bid on any of the items listed in the 14 January 20121 Snap Friday auctions, please note that those will be deleted.


If you intended to advertise in the next week’s bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday Newsletter (bearing the date 19 January 2011), please note that that will not be possible due to the cancellation of the 14 January Snap Friday auctions. On Friday 21 January, you may bid for advertising space in the 26 January 2011 issue of the Newsletter.


Once again, we do apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are working on the problem and hope to have it resolved shortly.


Kind regards


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