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Unfair Negative Rating

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Answer (Option one): "Haai liewe Bobber! Ek neem aan dat u kan lees. Indien u soos die meeste op ons vasteland 'n intelligensie-agtergeblewene skepsel is, vra asseblief 'n vraag; selfs omtrent die sin... In kort: Onseker? Vra my asseblief gerus 'n vraag. Ek sien reikhalsend daarna uit om u te hulp te snel - glo my asb.!"



Option two: "Indien u onseker is oor enige iets in die [verkoops]advertensie; nadat u alles deeglik gelees het... Vra my asb. gerus 'n vraag."


PS Two of plenty. "Two" is more discreet...


now now edmund, the first one sounds like you had a verbal intake of a lexicon and rather sarcastic if you have higher intelect:amuse: you would understand it, else just be wasting your time

@Vegar plain afrikaans -- lees asseblief advertensie en vra as jy iets wil weet -- plain and simple sure all can understand

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Thanks Edmund - I need a translation of the translation ... :grin:


In the intersection of Main Road and Blue Route there stands a beggar with a sign that says "My family was killed by Ninjas. Please give money for Karate lessons." He is looking thinner and thinner ... :wink:


Thanks Babyface! - Even I can read the plain Afrikaans!

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