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Looking for keytar

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Hi all


I'm a classically trained pianist, and play a vast range of things for my band with my Korg PS60 from strings to techno-type leads. I would like to acquire a keytar so as to add an extra sort of dimension to some of our songs.


The ones available on Ebay are frightfully overpriced for what they're capable of and brand new ones suffer this same curse (add on shipping and customs duties and the whole thing is just not practical).


So I'm hoping someone out there in SA would be able to help a muso out. The point of using the keytar would be more aesthetic than anything so I'd consider buying anything from an old Yamaha SHS-10 all the way up to a new Roland Ax-Synth. I'm hoping to find something second-hand, well looked after and reasonably priced.


If anyone could help me out with this, it would be really appreciated.



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