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Need some help with Picassa 3

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I have Picassa set to automatically update my BoB photos folder each time I change something.


It picks up all new photos so each time I open Picassa all my photos are there (or should be).


I have five photos of one item, but Picassa is only picking up three of them (as Murphy goes I need one of the missing ones). This is not the first time it has happened.


I have tried:

Tools - folder options - changed from scan always to scan once and back again

Right click on folder - sort by name

File - add file to Picassa

Nothing helps.


I think I had to delete all from Picassa and rescan last time, but this is a real schlep and computers are supposed to be logical :whistling:. So if all file properties are the same, why is Picassa not seeing these files?


Help please.:sad:

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Little Miss Muffet

Recently when I had a problem with picassa I deleted picassa from my computer and reloaded it again.

It worked fine after that.

The onll problem was that it reloaded all the photo's again.

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