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how to distinguish fake from original Levis jean

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I've recently bought a Levis on BOB after receiving it I've realised that it was fake, notified the seller he then told me I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet. I have Levis jeans and the one I got from him was way different.

I just want to alert the community what to look for to distinguish fake from original.

1. Rear pockets are bigger

2. Top button should have 512 at the back or inside

3. printings in the outside of the front pockets are bigger

4. The material have a cheap feeling to it

5. The tri-angle stitching at rear pockets doesn't touch the two parallel stitches in the middle

6. There should be two vertical parallel stitches in the inside of the waist above the fly

7. also look for poor stitching

8. Red tad is written in capital letters.


That's only to mention a few there a lot of stuff to look for, don't be fooled by the paper tags that come with jean look for finer points I've mentioned above and don't support piracy. Note not all Levis are the same but that is what you can look for especially in 501 others a similar

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Hi Profjowa,


Welcome to the Forum.


Thank you for the tips.

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