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Are you a..., dirty -... or uhm, a sniffer...? Happy days are here dude!

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Underwear - LOT TWO SUPER SOFT - 2p MEN BAMBOO FIBER BOXER SHORT BRIEFS 3XL(W36"-38") FREE SHIPPING for sale in China (ID:29520263)


BREATHABLE?! ..., WOW! "Smell-me-please", nose-friendly bloomers? Like they say; "No "sherbet" man!!!" :awesome:...


Do they mean to say: Now you know when to wash it, without worrying about all that nasty bacteria...! (In the army lazy freaks do just that...)


Or, is this the answer to the dark underworld of sniffers; perverts, yet worrying about their health? :disgusted:...






Another odd thing I noticed and would like to point out, tactfully... What's up with that Mickey mouse scrunch for man?! A dried up cane reed or what?:embarrest:...


There is so much more to say... I'll be brief:





What's up with that hindquarters man?! Nasty! Mine don't look like that at all...! Those briefs are for trained butts! [but, on the other hand, I'm married to a woman... ~ Pondering ~]




PS Please take it all with a wee pinch of salt... I understand which is the one breathing... Unless...~Shocked~...

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Adding an Ass...

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If MrAerospace wore a pair of these, I think I'd send him to our local Fort England Hospital as a long-term inpatient! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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