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Applaud the honest BoBer - supercas!!!

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Veto111    10

Hi guys


With so much people trying to rip people off nowadays it's just refreshing to see that this seller has actually told us about the fake 1892 5/-.


Special Circulation & Commemorative Coins - FREE ZAR 1892 COPY 5 SHILLINGS WITH COMMEMORATIVE 50C, R1, R2 ,R5 26 COINS for sale in Grahamstown (ID:29536555)


I must admit I am quite new to ZAR coin collecting and wouldn't have been able to spot it, and I know there are a few of us who would have been tempted to throw the NGC 'Not genuine" rating away and sell it as genuine just to make a few BoB (Excuse my intended pun). Obviously not me though :angel::grin:. Hopefully this is a beginning of a trend.


Anyways I applaud you Supercas.




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