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What is the point of snc appeal??

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The snc appeal granted to buyers is pointless!!IF we file snc after 7 days we would normally have notified buyer email or via order message system to pay etc.We are entitled to relist item immediately and inform buyer that item is no longer available.If said buyer the appeals what is the point,item has been relisted or sold so even if he pays he will not receive the item and there is the process of refunding and emails and extra work.

IF I file an snc after 7 days i would prefer not to have any further communication with buyer and not to have to retract the snc etc.Therefore the appeal process is pointless!!I know about unforeseen circumstances and all that but 7 days is enough time to communicate a problem to the seller before the snc is filed.IF a buyer does not make the effort to do any of this why should he be granted an appeal?I have only had about 20 snc on 7000 sales but the odd one is still irritating.


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