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The 'not so new' tools rock!!!!!

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im sure this has been previously discussed , but i would like to commend the Bid or Buy team for the new sellers tools, with the new messaging system etc. it was difficult for me to warm up to it because i had a set way using the old style and only got around to start using it now that my other half is on maternity leave :) ,

i had to find a quicker and simpler way to get through this busy time of year ,all on my own................ and really ,

Bid Or Buy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, you peeps are superstars......

the only thing i use the old style, still for, is to see the actual says for today , other then that ..............

private notes : change of addresses , colours, sizes ,etc. get updated as soon as they come in and i cannot miss it when processing the orders

The messaging system lets me send tracking numbers and notify buyers of any other info i need to , its there for them to see and they get an email from bid or buy notifying them of my message

its so simple and practical , covering every possible angle

its allowed us to go paperless as well

my advice to all sellers is : i know not every1 likes change but run it all through the new system ,,make use of this (not so new , i know)new system it will save you plenty time and prevent many mistakes

best part is , buyers cannot claim not to have recieved an email from you becasue the messages will remain on the system

thanks bid or buy :awesome:

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