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Just setting the record straight

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Hi everyone, it's Nico / MediaTech


:sad: I had to now register an account just to also say my say as my account has been disabled. I know I am not allowed to have two accounts and for the record I will not buy or sell anything, BoB can close this account after this but I feel responsible to say something to the forum members that was positive in believed in me. I do not care what this pic_acle say's about me, he is a nobody in my life, I care only for the bobbers who believe in people and it is for this reason that I will prove to them that they were not wrong.


I know pin_acle could not wait for this but hey, such is life, always someone out to break someone else down and then celibrate in their failure.


I am pasting the same message here that I send to each and every buyer today in an email as well as to Community Watch. But first I want to say thank you to every bobber that atleast gave me the benefit of the doubt, thanks.


I have attached the email with all the proof as there is a lot of words.


And I have already done refunds to the sum of around R80 000,00 in the last 3 weeks of transactions that went south, and I send Bennet the proof as I will continue to do with every refund over the next few weeks.

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