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Anglo Boer War Medal Copies ...

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Depot Three

Boer war medals


It's totally legal to make copies, some times called Tailor's copies or Museum copies. As long as the are not sold as real. The medals in question are centenary copies with the correct date. The museum in Kimberley I know sells copies of the Kimberley star and e-bay is full of medals marketed as copies. Some military men wear copies and keep the originals as issued as it increases their value, museums as well often display commercially bought copies, because they are soft targets for criminals. The only crime is if you try and represent copies as the real deal for real prices. Alot of medals are marked as copy or specimen or in this case the centenary dates. *** is in the detail.



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There was an "Anglo-Boere Oorlog" in 1999 to 2002!?

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