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Suggestions to bid or buy

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I am enjoying Bid or Buy very much since the After Sales Management Tools came in and some other new features such as setting up shipping product classes etc. But I am hoping to make this a place where sellers can make suggestions and we can come up with solutions in order to increase sales on Bid Or Buy:


After listing items on Bid or buy , I always look at the number of listings of mine that are open but, as days/weeks go by my listings close and re-list automatically (Another feature I like) . But I find that I have to go through what is open and what is closed and add to the pick list and relist like this.

What would be nice is when your listings are closed -have a link or column/place where Bid or Buy can say that "YOU HAVE 5 ITEMS THAT ARE NOT PUBLISHED" then "Select the items you want to list" Or select "Keep item listed forever" etc

or a setting that will allow you to keep all of your listings open all of the time.(More listings =More views=More sales)

MAYBE - other sellers can give their suggestions....Maybe there is something I am not seeing here? an easier way to do this?


I just find that I list items (Selecting relist 10 times) and after the listing has relisted itself 10 times it closes and I only realize this weeks later when I have not had any sales on that specific product.

But then again: Maybe there is something I am not seeing here? an easier way to do this?

Maybe sellers are using spreadsheets? Any input will be appreciated.



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