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Woopra - only for web site owners!

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Almost any Web page has a hit counter, but there's a lot more data available than just a big fat number. The really useful tidbits, though - where your readers are, what OS they're using, etc.--can be hard for the average blogger or site owner to find. Woopra ladles on all kinds of data in a clean, easy-to-understand interface--and does it for free.


Currently in free beta, Woopra is a Web analytics service with a desktop. To get to the good stuff, you must sign up for the service, install the software, and paste a Javascript snippet on your Web site. Unlike many Web analytics services, with Woopra, it's the software that does the heavy lifting.


And what heavy stuff it is. You get both real-time and historical data about your visitors. Woopra tells you where they are, what browser and OS they're using, their screen resolution, the referring pages, and more. Needless to say, these are all hugely useful for designing a site your readers can understand and enjoy. You can even look at the data of individuals as they visit your site. (Although you see individual IP addresses, the visitors are personally identifiable only if they opt to be).


The downsides to Woopra are few. One is that data from visitors who block Javascript (which includes a fair number of PC World readers) doesn't get collected. The other is that Woopra's beta has been very popular, so there can be a waiting list. When I discussed this with the company, they were aware of the issue and told me of their plans to step up the number of accounts issued soon - perhaps even by the time you read this.


Go to the web site:



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