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Namibia Proofs

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Hello to all in the stamp world

I am posting here just to remind you all that I am still my old arrogant self.

In the last two weeks I have managed to become PayPal linked, so I hope that a lot of clients (especially the ones in the USA and UK) will now have easier transactions.

Secondly, I have managed to obtain a portion of the Namibian Archives. Of special note is the 2007 Definitive Issue which consists of no less than 87 Imperforated Proofs. I am still busy cutting up this lot into pairs – a painstaking process! Please see attached image!

Thirdly, I have been commissioned to sell a prime collection of SWA Proofs. I have already listed a couple of items on BidorBuy and I hope to list a considerable number of lots in the very near future. I trust that serious SWA collectors will see this as a golden opportunity to obtain some of the scarcest material in the world.

Fourthly, I have bought some lovely Union Pieces in a big lot consisting of 1 000+ stock cards. I also hope to list a lot of them on BidorBuy.

It is so easy to buy AIR TIME. Where can I buy REAL TIME?

Trusting to have a good argument with somebody on the Stamp Forum soon.

Thanks and regards


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