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Possible fraudulent notification of payment (WIZZIT)

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I Received this email and a matching SMS to confirm that this payment was made into my account on

the 2nd November.


I have not received the money, 7 working days later.


I have emailed the buyer (steriki1) requesting an explanation, but I'm certain this is a scam.


What takes seven days for payment to show in your account?


Has anyone else received payment confirmations from WIZZIT?


---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

Subject: WIZZIT once off payment submitted into your account

From: wow@wizzit.co.za

Date: Tue, November 2, 2010 10:03 am




A once off iWIZZ WIZZIT payment of R314 has been submitted by 3-----------4

into your account: AMANDA MINNIE.


If the payment was made before 3pm, the payment will reflect on your

statement after 7am on the next business day otherwise please allow for

48 hours for the funds to be cleared.


Please contact the Wonderful World of WIZZIT on 0861 949 948 for any


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With this person's ratings of only 53%, I am surprised he is even still allowed to operate on his BoB account.


I don't think you're likely to see payment. And, no, I have never heard of WIZZIT either. Possibly another "fraud" where, when one dials that number, one's call costs are astronomical? That's if the number actually exists??! :unsure:

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Lucky you didnt send it, what is this Wizzit anyway? That is why I preffer BobPay EFT as the payment will have to reflect before I get confirmation and then I know nothing can go wrong.



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