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Cali Craft and Gems

I feel a negative rating coming...

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Cali Craft and Gems

Oh hell - what a buyer! It is someone that I would not wish anyone on BoB to deal with!


Buyers' credit card payment comes through on Thursday 4 November in the morning. Buyer starts demanding tracking number almost immediately despite below message being inserted into each and every listing:


IMPORTANT Information for all buyers: Your tracking number will not be issued within minutes of your payment so please do not nag - it will be emailed to you once your parcel is dispatched. There are procedures that are followed to ensure the safe packaging and delivery of your items. The postage dates below are a GUIDELINE only due to the high volume of orders. There is an average of a 48 hour turnaround between the payment and parcel dispatch (excluding weekends and public holidays). Thank you!



November 4 (or 5), 9, 11, 26, 28, 23 & 25



Now buyer has been sending me nasty threatening emails stating that I do not know how to speak to customers. Duh - does this buyer not know how to read nor calculate?


4 November plus 48 hours excluding weekend equals Monday 8 November - with next shipping date being 9 November! Yet demands that I should have sent his parcel out on the same day as his payment? Is he royalty or something that deserves special priority treatment???


I have a sinking feeling that I'll be on the receiving end of a negative rating for actually sticking to the terms and conditions! Would BoB consider removing his rating if it is so?


PS. I actually made a special trip to the post office just with his single parcel - totally against my terms and conditions, but just in the hope that he would be half-decent and understanding! Oh, did I forget to mention too that my internet has been off most of the past 3 days plus my pc is on the brink of dying entirely? He gave me a few hour's grace when that was explained with him replying that "things happen"!



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