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Don’t Reset!

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Don’t Reset!


When you’ve been working on your computer for a day or two and it’s starting to slow down and is struggling to open the start menu then it’s probably time to reset. Resetting clears the RAM and gets the system running fresh again.


One way of fixing this:


Windows occasionally gets into a weird state where, well, things just stop working - the start menu doesn’t launch some apps anymore, clicking links in Internet Explorer doesn’t work, context menus stop working, etc.


Instead of rebooting Windows to get things working again, try logging out and logging back in. When Windows (and the apps that plug into the Windows shell) get into some weird state, you don’t need to reboot; a logoff shuts down the Windows Explorer, and a logon loads it again.


This used to happen to me every now and again, but since SP1 It hasn’t happened once.


Alternatively there is a much easier way to get your computer running smoothly again and remove all the idle processed.


Create a new shortcut on the desktop:


In the input field type:


“ %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks â€


Click ‘next’ and name the shortcut.


When this shortcut is run the system should stop for a few seconds as it reclaims RAM before speeding up again as you use it.

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