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I Sell Elegant African Handicrafts. Contact me!

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Hi All,


I belong to the arts and crafts industry and I make elegant African crafts such as jewelries( necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc), bags and other handmade African products.


I do this work and I go to school at the same time. I manage a small shop with my assistant and I'm looking forward to finding business contacts or sales persons who are interested in my works and what I have to sell. I want to use the little earnings I make from the sales of my handicrafts to finance my schooling, so when you buy from me I call it ''sympathy for education''. I'm looking up to expanding and putting up a website when things go well. All persons( individuals, co-operate entities, stores and gift shops) who wish to do business with me are cordially welcomed.


My products are very elegant, beautiful, quality and portrays the rich African culture and beauty. I offer you a wide range of hand crafted ethnic jewelry. My jewelry has been made using traditional techniques and ethnic beads or natural resources. They are made from materials such as leather, wood, stones, recycled glass and beads, animal bone/products.


I will outline my terms and conditions of doing business with you if you are interested in buying and selling my handicrafts. I supply samples of product that my clients are interested in. My customers are assured of affordable prices and guarantee of delivery of products they order from me.


The following are my contacts if you wish to do business with me. I look forward to finding good business contacts and doing genuine business with them. I will reply/ respond to any contact and thanks for reading through.


E- mail: c.xax@hotmail.com

Contact Number: 00233245515949

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