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Have you been swindled on BOB? Regardless the outcome: Show the link to that scammer!

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This thread is NOT to brag about...! It is to show and educate us people, about the dark, sly tactics of a typical scammer! Education, empowers you!



Have you been swindled on BOB? Regardless the outcome...: Please show the link to the scammers' ploy! Please see this one:


Other Watches - Michel Herbelin set was sold for R2,200.00 on 20 Apr at 12:31 by Kutter in Lansdowne (ID:20551829)


Take a good look at the questions and answers... Sounds so honest and helpful... Alas! I caught him red-handed. BOB can confirm that... Gave him my only neutral rating thus far. :-(


He then said: "Yes they are authentic, they still have the original stickers on them in the original box. They were bought as a gift set in the V&A Waterfront"


Yet, please see this final FACT: All ratings received by Kutter on bidorbuy.co.za

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