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Microsoft brings out Big Guns for Kinect Launch!!!!

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I was a bit skeptical about the concept of controller free gaming. When news about Kinect, originally known as Project Natal, hit the web in 2009 many wrote off Microsoft's latest project as a Nintendo copy cat with some added features. Nintendo's Wii with its motion sensing controller caught on like wild fire in 2006, providing a new gaming experience that has kept plenty of people captivated.


Now known as Kinect, Microsoft's upcoming controller free accessory has picked up momentum with some major retailers in the US and UK already sold out on pre-orders of the Kinect. "You are the controller" is the tagline you will see on many adverts by Microsoft about the Kinect. I saw it in action at Rage and I was quite impressed. I have seen a number of videos and I think it just might be quite a hit for Christmas. It's definitely worthy of making it into your "Christmas Stockings"..


Big Spender


Microsoft is set to spend over $500 million on marketing Kinect next month.


In addition to straightforward advertising on TV, print and online, the marketing cash will also be spent on cross-promotions with brands such as Kellogg's cereals, Burger King, Pepsi promotion. So it will be Kinect all over cereal boxes and Pepsi cans in November. I wonder if this will trickle down to South Africa as well.


Microsoft also plans to take over the YouTube homepage. So they are really going all out here to blow the competition out the water.

Movie legend Steven Spielberg has reportedly been involved in the planning for next month's Kinect launch extravaganza. Microsoft is also going to use The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help market the Kinect.


The new device will face off against many other rivals, including the just launched Sony PlayStation Move bundle and perennial favourite Nintendo Wii.


Have a look at what the Kinect is all about.


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