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Thank you BOB

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I won 2 auctions on Friday, logged in Saturday morning to make the payments, all in a rush found that I have a offer on 1 auction that I lost so accepted that, the offer and the 1 auction from the same buyer I wrote down the bob ref #'s then completed the last auction with the idea to just go and log in to my bank and get it all done, power dipped and computer died all in a hurry I reopened bob done the payments then ran off to town. After getting back home internet was off then it started I had something nagging at me I looked at the paper on which I wrote the ref no's and amounts and I looked again, my 5 looked like a s or was it a s looking like a 5? on the next 1 my u looked like 4 or was it a 4 looking like a u? the internet came back on tonight at 8, my emails came in and what do I find, 2 mails from bob telling me I must have made a mistake and they have linked to payments to the auctions won, wow that was fast and excellent work, thank you people from BOB for knowing what you are doing and having the brains to sort it out before I even had the time.

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