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Guest MacMuffin

Please change your image uploads from images3.bidorbuy.co.za to images.bidorbuy.co.za

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Guest MacMuffin

Hi all,


we are scheduling to switch over to our new image servers this weekend which will give us more resilience, storage and stability. Over the next few days we will also migrate all existing listings referencing images3.bidorbuy.co.za back to images.bidorbuy.co.za (you might not have noticed, but we switched back to images.bidorbuy.co.za yesterday).


We will continue migrating trades with images3.bidorbuy.co.za to the original images.bidorbuy.co.za address, but it would reduce our migration effort (and duration) if all sellers could switch back to the original server (and also adjust tradefeeds, or bulk CSVs).


For the technical inclined: images3.bidorbuy.co.za and images.bidorbuy.co.za will resolve to a load-balancer which will then spread load to a number of new servers which have a redundant/clustered file-system. All components are highly available and once we have switched, outage we had last week or in May will not re-occur.


Please assist us by adjusting your bulk-listings or when relisting to reference images.bidorbuy.co.za. We will post a separate notification regarding the image migration for the weekend.

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