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What Happened During The War - 1900 PONDS

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Vertigo    10

Hi All ,


1892 - 1897 - Low POP reports ( coins scarce ) , High Mintage Numbers

1898 - High POP Reports (easily available) , Very Low Mintage Numbers

1900 - Low POP Reports ( scarce ). Super high Mintage Numbers


I am quite confused as to this inconsistancy as the 98 ponds are very easy to find , but what happened to the 700000+ 1900 ponds.


I have heard that the Kruger republic withdrew a large sum of money from the mint prior to the invasion.


Can anyone Shed some light on the subject.


Were they melted down, or part of the " Kruger Millions " ,


Btw , my assumption Is the money from the mint was exchanged for flour and the zar republic was credited with the funds taken from the mint , but the main question is ,,,,, what happened to 700k of 1900 ponds.


Warm Regards

Imraan Moosa

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kyle2    10

The missing Kruger millions?:idea:

If someone sells one, he's gotto know where the rest are then?

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