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I would like to declare a state of emergency.

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My first opinion on this matter was that it should be of no major concern to me and that I should just work through it and keep a smile and maintain sanity.


However, I am now GATVOL.


Admittedly, the boiling point was only reached this morning after reconciling bank statements and payments against sales, and finding that a payment that reflects as received 4 October (Yesterday) and seeing that I had already been rated Neuteral by the buyer (Yesterday 13:09pm?!) stating ''Nothing Received Yet''


Adding to the 2 x Neuterals issued by a buyer that had not yet made payment mistakenly rated me Positive instead of a another seller and then updated them to 2 x NEUTERAL stating ''Wrong Rating''


This after 3 x Negative Ratings stating ''poor communication, poor service'' however this parcel is sitting at the buyers Post Office Awaiting collection, exactly as per tracking detail email sent on the day his payment cleared and absolutely NO email correspondence from him at all.


The Cherry on the cake I must add is the buyer that combined an order for 12 combined items, did NOT make full payment, I did not file a SNC because I had a previous successful sales relationship with him for a PREVIOUS 7 sales.


3 Months later this buyer issues a Negative Ratings for the initial 12 Items AS WELL AS updates the previous 7 POSITIVES to NEGATIVES.


Needless to say, my sales record looks like I am incompetent and I myself would not purchase from a seller with my profile.


My answer to the situation is simply the loss of sales and money, for myself as well as Bid or Buy.


As many of these buyers would never update their ratings anyway once realising their error and in receipt of goods, it would simply be logic for me as a seller to cancel the sale, refund the buyer and take the loss.


I strongly feel that BidorBuy needs to re-evaluate the rating system as they were previously doing.


I am really not in a good place today and am ready to give it all up as a bad experience.

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I know the feeling, buyers dont realise the power of teh rating system. Or they do it deliberately to try and destroy your reputation and sales.


My advice, contact Bidorbuy and explain about the ratings. Might take time as there are different buyers involved but it will be worth the trouble if they help out and remove them.



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From the sounds of things there does appear to be abuse of the ratings going on here, so please contact hello@bidorbuy.co.za with all the relevant details and supporting documentation to support your case.


Thank you


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I know exactly how you feel.


In the last month, one buyer whom underpaid shipping first gave me 68 negative ratings, then decided to pay part of it. In the last week, despite my listings being clear about shipping times, some buyers immediately gave me neutral or negative ratings. Intelligent buyers knew that revenge ratings are in the order of the day, but many buyers won't buy from one seeing that it made one look incompetent.

I had a 97% +rating, but it went down badly due to one buyer using revenge tactics. Certain buyers rate you negative to make you worried and give in to their demands,many times unreasonable demands.Some don't pay shipping fees on 2-3 orders and expect to pay only on the fourth order. The moment you refuse to send the order unless the total amount due is paid, they contact communitywatch and complaint. How will we prevent this great site from goin g down due to these activities?

I intend staying on bob forever and intend assisting others to make bid or buy a market leading auction site, but to succeed, many sellers has to also inform bob and act against such revengefull buyers.

Lets keep the true positive bid or buy spirit alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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