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Mount Silic

What do you do if you pay for goods and never receive them?

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Mount Silic

Below is my payment I made using bobPay on the 27th August 2010 - I am still waiting for my goods - my money has been taken and I sit with no goods - I cannot file a CNC Alert as it does not give me the option to do it. I need some help please.


Payment ID 654212

Payment Method bobPay - EFT

To SProducts (3602 ) - Johannesburg

Status Payment Completed

Amount R166.00

Payment Time 27 Aug 12:07

Purpose Order : 3131941

EFT Payment Reference 3GRGDT

Bank First National Bank

Login Page

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Little Miss Muffet

Only the seller can file an SNC. Your login page is for the buyer and sellers view only.

Do you have a link to the seller? Ratings etc.Have you tried to contact the seller? Otherwise contact BOB

If it is the camera you are talking about it is poosible that he has not gone back to check that you have paid as you paid 19days after the auction.

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Mount Silic

Thanks for the advise - the guy contacted me this morning and wants to refund my money less bank charges - he claims that because I paid late his stock was sold out - he advertises his other shopping sites on his emails so I went to look and to my amazement he has stock, here is the link - I was emailed and reminded by Bid or Buy numerous times but did not have access to make payment at the time so as soon as I had access to my internet again I paid and was sent my new invoice number and then heard nothing till I wrote and emailed him yesterday - I was amazed at the sellers arrogance in his reply - its like stuff you, you will do as I want you to. Will never deal with him again.

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Wow! I wasnt aware this was about me. Well the buyer has gone all out to turn this whole thing around.


Firstly, the buyer didnt pay for the item. I filed SNC and relisted the item, he didnt even respond to the SNC. He then decided to pay, which after payment I sent an email (proof available) to inform them I didnt have this item in stock and it will take a long time before I get it in stock again. He didnt reply to my email and he also claims he never received it.

Where did you see the stock? This item was removed from all auctions and Buy Nows, its not on my listings. I said to you, first I lost the listing fees I paid for the item because of you not paying. I will not loose more money through banking charges for refunding you.


Talk about being a saint, here are the copies of your emails and my respond. Where is my arrogance here?


Your email,

"Dear Sipho, where are my goods - I paid for them long ago - I will be reporting this to B or B - you put up a bad rating for me took my money and I never heard a thing again - this is fraud.



My respond,



Dont accuse me of fraud, I rated negative because you didnt pay. When you paid the item had already been sold out and I emailed you and informed you about this and you didnt respond.

I have proof of the email I sent you and you are the one who delayed payment and I relisted the product and now you put the blame on me.


Please send me your banking details so I refund you minus banking charges.




Your respond,

"You accepted the payment - why did you take so long before you came back to me - I have never received a mail from you in this or any regard - if you take 1 cent of my money I will charge you with fraud cause looks like a scam.

My bank details are as follows:"


My respond,

"Hi Lesley


I have forwarded you the email I sent you before. Firstly, you didnt pay and I filed SNC due to that. I have already lost money I paid to Bidorbuy for listing the item, now you want me to loose more money for bank charges.


Sorry but that wont happen, call it scam or whatever. I'm not loosing another sent because of you.




The rest of your emails are all abusive, you said you reported me to Bidobuy. Lets stop the communication now so we deal with this under one system.


Sorry Admin if my respond is against the rules, but I think you can close the thread as it will be my word against the buyer's.



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Guest Guest

I agree with sipho , we don't need buyers like this.


The saying the customer is always right doesn't always work.

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