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SNC Restricted??

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An SNC was filed on the 6th Sept by Danking for 2 items that I bought on the 9th Aug and paid for and paid for postage as well on the 10th Aug. These items were eventually posted on the 28th Aug (as per tracking No), but I found that 2 items were not included. I tried to contact the seller by email and did not receive a response, but then found that he did and SNC claiming that I had agreed to a refund. This was a lie as I have never communicated with him, ever. On the 7th September, I appealed this SNC and waited for a response


I waited and waited and waited and eventually read that:


"This SNC has been restricted by admin and you may only have limited options to proceed" on the 22nd Sept.


What does this mean??

How long must I wait for an answer?

Am I being told that I cannot do anything to get my items or my full money back?

I also discover that I cannot give a negative comment anymore!


Please can someone from BOB explain in this open forum what is happening?:wtf:

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SNC's are restricted by our staff whilst they investigate. SNC's can take several weeks to finalise. SNC's are filed so that the seller can try recover their success fees in the event the transaction was unsuccessful, this does not stop you from getting a refund or the goods delivered, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation. Please note - once a SNC is filed it will not allow either party to rate the other until we have finalised the SNC. Please also note, we are under no obligation to investigate claims made by buyers and sellers in SNC's.


Thank you.


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