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Cali Craft and Gems

Exceptionally rude seller refuses to send R1 item!

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Cali Craft and Gems

Sapphires - Bright Pink Ceylon Sapphire! 1.615 cts. Vs1 Clarity. was sold for R1.00 on 15 Sep at 23:46 by EmeraldCityTreasures in Cape Town (ID:26135194)


I won the above item at R1. Sent the seller an email requesting permission to combine (as the listing stated that it is no problem), and what her cut off date was (3 days? 7 days? Indefinite?) as there was no time limit in the listing.


Been very busy with regards to Grandpa in hospital (and subsequently passing away) so it slipped my mind to contact the seller by phone before I dashed out of town on Thursday. Wasn't going to bother the seller over the long weekend as I know how irritating it can be when you've taken "time off" and someone bugs you. I have subsequently discovered that the seller has removed her contact numbers from the system!


I checked my email whilst on the road yesterday afternoon and saw a negative rating had come in from this seller for non-payment. I walked in the door, and went straight to my pc to complete the payment WITHOUT having heard a reply from the seller re my initial query.


Replied to the SNC that I was going to pay, and made the payment (BoB EFT from Standard) within minutes. Forwarded the proof of payment to the seller with an apology note for the delay and stating that I had not yet received a reply from her on the initial email.


Well, talk about all hell letting loose! I received an email from the seller this morning stating the below (at 10h01 Sun 26 Sept):


"You are lying, as there is no email from you, plus, you as a seller should know that 7 days is the cut-off.. sorry item is no longer available, you chose to wait over 10 days before even contacting me, and now you have lost the item, I will send an email informing bidorbuy of this too...


Please send your banking details, as you have lost it, you should have acted quicker on my sale, and now it has gone to someone else... nothing I can do about it now!"


Followed with (at 10h06 Sun 26 Sept) :


"You only did the payment now, 2 hours ago, after I told you the item was no longer available... what is wrong with you????


I am contacting bidorbuy, and forwarding them all these emails. they can refund the R21 back to you, I am already selling it to someone else.. I refuse to wait this long to get an answer out of a buyer, I have paid advertising on the item now, and there is no way in hell I am taking it off, so you are wasting your time..


I will also be blocking you from bidding on my future auctions, you seem like a really nasty piece of work... "


Basically, I paid the seller immediately upon receiving the SNC without having heard from her re the query (payment went through at 17h00 Sat 25 Sept), receive nasty emails from her filled with insults and accusations, plus her stating incorrect facts (example "payment 2 hours ago" meaning Sunday morning!), etc.


I replied to her email (rather hastily and I was rude in return but not insulting), and have cc'd Solanche with the info.


At the end of the day the seller is REFUSING to send the item which was purchased for R1. She has subsequently relisted the item and it has another R1 bid on it. Will that buyer also have hassles to get the item out of her?


There is no place on BoB for sellers who behave like this! She has been a seller for just over a month and she carries on like this? Customer service? I guess you can "go to hell" to find it!

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SNC filed by the seller. Please reply to the SNC with all relevant information. Outcome will be determined by the SNC Admin.


Thread locked.


Thank you.

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