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Note to all sellers and buyers , you are not allowed to sell Microsoft DSP items, stand alone ...

They have to be sold with a new laptop or pc


There are many reason for this ,

Microsoft knows that when you buy a new pc you would need a operating system and most likely office so they give you the option to buy it for less than retail price.


If you buy DSP software for a old pc with a operating system on already you will not be able to upgrade to the new one this function has been disabled for this reason.


Also you will receive no, support from Microsoft. Back in the days a well known computer Company actually closed doors because of the fine they got from Microsoft .


However Microsoft now allows all resellers and suppliers to sell DSP items with a new main board/mother boards this is legal,


Hope this is helpful info since I had to learn it the hard way in my own business,


Sorry for any writing or spelling errors I`m a bit Afrikaans:wink:



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