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Some thoughts on categories in antiques

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Hi BoB - just been browsing through other antiques, and now know why I try to avoid listing anything there. put simply there is so much stuff in the queue you can't find anything. I pity the poor person who gets stuck in the middle of five pages of knives (which are certainly not antique - and it's debatable whether they're collectable). Some minor tweaks might make it easier for buyers to browse for things and selling easier.


Some suggestions as to how to make categories work better. And to get rid of some redundant ones.


Firstly one close to my heart (it's where I trade) but there is no need in silver and metalware for a sub category for silver, silver plate and hallmarked silver. It just causes confusion. Would be better to have two categories - solid silver - and silver plate. If I had my way those listing in solid silver would be forced to show the hallmark, but that's probably not practical.


Silver an metalware would probably benefit from a sub category for bronzes, and one for gold (even though there won't be much in it).


Under furniture there's no need for sub categories commodes (list under chests) and davenports (under desks) but there is a need for one for boxes where we can list tea caddies, cigar boxes, writing slopes, sewing boxes, jewellery boxes, glove boxes etc.


There is a need for a category under transportation for luggage.


Also under ornaments and figurines, changing ivory and bone to ivory, bone, horn and shell, would, apart from putting all the unmentionables together, provide a home for things like shells, antler handled carving sets, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl etc.


All the liquor categories could be one sub category under bar and smoking - that would save some space.

And do we need two categories for frames - one under furniture and one under photographic

Chandeliers and ceiling lighting could also easily be combined.


And then do a category for toys

which could have sub categories for dolls; bears; model cars, trains and aircraft; games, and other toys.


And then maybe a category called ephemera

with sub categories like programmes, posters and autographs; pins and badges; souvenir spoons (in reality a pet hate of mine) etc


A category somewhere for vintage clothing would be useful, as would one grooming accessories etc.

One for reference books on antiques would probably also be well received.


Anyway - just some thoughts - feel free to use or discard - or let brickbats or bouquets flow - others may have other ideas - Thanks frank

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