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fanie za

How to resolve a SNC

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fanie za

Some weeks ago I bought an item from a seller. Shortly after concluding the deal but before paying, the seller advised me that the DVD player is defective. I was upset that he did not check the item before making it available on BoB but left it there. The seller then gave me a neutral rating with the comment "Please retract your offer to sell". I responded that the buyer can not retract the offer and that the seller should contact BoB to cancel the transaction. I also phoned the seller who promised to retract the neutral rating. Today I received an e-mail from Bob telling me "Please click the link below to visit the SNC section in your profile to indicate whether you Agree or wish to appeal against this SNC Alert if you have not agreed." The SNC further states that I have 7 days to appeal and that the "buyer did not respond".

Now my problem: How do I appeal against this SNC as I certainly did respond appropriately at all stages of the transaction but the SNC shows as "SNC Completed" - "Sale Not Complete : No Response from buyer". There is absolutely no link in the SNC where I can respond.

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