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IE7: How To Remove Branding

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A branded version of Internet Explorer 7 refers to a redistributed IE that has been customized (usually by using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit - (example: you signed up via an ISP [internet Service Provider like Telkom or a bank] and was given an installation disk to setup).


These customizations may alter the default feeds and search provider, have a customized browser title, etc. This branding cannot be removed simply by uninstalling it and installing a new version.


If you are currently running a branded version of IE7, and want to run it using the Microsoft defaults, do the following . . .


1. Go to the Internet Explorer directory (in the Program Files folder) and check the CUSTOM directory. If the file install.ins exists, delete it.


2. Uninstall Internet Explorer 7.


3. Install a clean version of IE7.


4. Open the Internet Explorer browser.


5. Click on Tools and select Internet Options.


6. Select the Advanced tab.


7. Under the Reset Internet Explorer settings, click the Reset button.

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