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I had 3 SNC'S for non payment filed against a buyer. Eventually, we agreed to cancel all sales, so BOB was notified that the sales that warranted those 3 SNC'S are now cancelled, and the 4th SNC still needed to be filed by me, was then filed as a cancelation of sale.

The buyer's account had been disabled, and as soon as it was enabled again, (reason being, according to BOB, that the buyer had sorted matters out with her SELLERS

This buyer then sent e-mail to the sellers, claiming that the "seller" had apologised to them, and BOB also apologised to them not once, but for all 3 SNC's filed against them by me, resulting in their account being enabled again.


I emphatically deny having apologised to this buyer, what I DID say was,"I am sorry it had to come to snc's having to be filed"- I followed the normal procedure for non payments.and subsequently, BOB told me they( BOB) did not apologise to the buyer either, as she claimed they did.


This morning, a new negative rating for non payment appeared on their account - put there, by another seller.

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