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The Minimi Para is a compact version of the Minimi with a short barrel and a sliding butt. The Minimi's rotary gas regulator is a simplification of the FN MAG's regulator. It has two positions, normal and reverse, and is hand adjustable. The adverseposition increases the cyclic rate, though this means reliability will deteriorate due to the increased cyclic rate. The only real disadvantage to gas systems is an increase in fouling over recoil-operated weapons, a problem compounded by the current emphasis on the use of ball-type powders.


The Minimi has a chromed-lined bore and a three-second quick change barrel, and its feed cover can be closed with the bolt in any position along the feed cam. The tubular-aluminium skeleton stock and its folding wire buttstrap are weight-saving contributions. The Minimi's push-button safety and elimination of the semi-automatic mode simplify the sear mechanism. A loaded belt indicator has been provided for night use, and the rear sight is adjustable to 1000m (3280ft). The Para version has been designed for airborne troops and is an extremely reliable weapon. The bolt is a two-piece model, with the bolt face locking into thebarrel extention by means of locking lugs. A cam system on the bolt carrier causes the bolt to unlock, a similar manner to that employed in assault rifles.


County - Belgium

Manufacturer - FN Herstal

Type - light machine gun

Calibre - 5.56mm

Cartridge - 5.56 x 45mm NATO

Length - 893mm (35.15in)

Length of barrel - 347mm (13.66in)

Number of grooves - 6

Weight - 7.1kg (15.62lb)

Cyclic rate of fire - 850rpm

Practical rate of fire - 200rpm

Operation - gas

Magazine capacity - 30 or 200 round belt

Fire mode - full auto

Muzzle velocity - 900mps (2952fps)

Maximum range - 3600m (11 811ft)

Effective range - 1000m (3280ft)

Entered service - 1974


Note that these specs is for the real weapon and not for the Airsoft model!

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