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New scam on BOB

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BIZTRADERS is a scam!


I won a TX9009 helicopter, when I got it, the box sealer was already open and the helicopters had scratches all over! I'm 100% convinced that this was used before!


When I rated him, he replies by saying that I have paid late, and no communication.

He didn't even mention why or how the helicopters might have been used before.


On his account details, he said he prefers to use no emails, and no phone number was provided.

So I mailed him to tell him what colour I want the helicopter to be, but no replies... then he contacts me by using BOB message saying he is waiting for my payments...


So I pay him, and when I have recieved the goods, the helicopter was a used one.

The box sealing sticker was already cut, the helicopters had so many scratches on it!


I asked him to explain but he just keeps saying I paid late, and no communication..

He never talked about why the helicopters were used before I received it.


Then later, he says I used it before and claims that it was used...

I rated him as soon as I saw the helicopters...


He is a scam, and he must be exposed and be blacklisted!


BidorBuy, please do something about him!

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Vinyl Lady Decals

Please report this to BoB at communitywatch@bidorbuy.co.za.

Give them photos of the product and the box, if possible and forward all the emails you sent the seller that were ignored.


BoB management are very helpful, ask them to please resolve the situation.


Good luck

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User ripplet9 - Jeongho James Shin


I am glad to see that you have posted this matter here.

Firstly, i am a Female as i told you, you didnt seem to get that in my e mail sent to you.

Secondly you forgot to mention that you only paid when you were e mailed requesting payment.

Thirdly, you lied when you said i failed to communicate with you, i still have the

e mails on hand.

Fourthly, i fail to see how you were scammed, you claim the item was used, i do not sell used items unless it says that it is used.

Fifthly, you failed to mention that i said you must return the item due to your unsatisfaction.

All this is written in english, maybe you need to read it.

You made statements which are false, you called me names which is unacceptable.

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