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IE7: Clear History, Cookies, and Temporary Internet Files

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Browsers hold a lot of personal data. Clearing your history, cookies, and temporary internet files will clear a lot of this personal information from your browser. Have you cleaned up your browser today?


Brief reminder what this stuff is.


Cookies are the small pieces of information that a web site stores in your browser to identify you. Often these are used to keep a user logged into a page or service.


Web page history is just a listing of web pages that has been recently visited by the browser.


Temporary internet files are the images and other web structures that are downloaded by the browser to web pages appear and work correctly. These are stored and reused to speed up the browsing experience.


Although all this information is frequently used to improving the web browsing experience, this same information can be used to extract private information about the browser's user. Cleaning out this information occasionally will remove old, outdated information and thus improve efficiency of your system.

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