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MK Jewels Listing Thingy

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Sorry if posted in the incorrect place but I can't find the original thread about the listing program thingy that MK Jewels was perfecting.


I downloaded the trial at the time but it didn't have anything in the drop down boxes, but from what I could see it would be a very handy tool, and so now I would like to know if it is finished and ready for mass purchase/download or fair trade aquisition?:D

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Angolo Antico

Hi All,


I am still busy developing the program on a new platform to make it compatible with windows systems from 2000 to the latest windows releases ( excluding 64bit systems ) The new program features the following :


> Client Database

> Import Sales from CSV file you download from the BOB website

> Bulk Import Clients from CSV file ( same sales history file as above )

> Editing and updating of order statuses

> Sending Tracking numbers via email ( all this info is saved to the database for future reference )

> Sending emails to clients ( marketing, reminders ect )

> Import of CSV files you generated on BOB ( Picklist ect )

> Creating of Auctions / Buy Now's

> More functions on the way!


Please bear with me as I am doing this in my spare time and have involved another person to help with the development, it will be listed on BOB for purchase as soon as I am happy with the end results. :)






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