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Selling coin collection - newbie

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I have a collection of old SA coins and some international coins left to me by a relative. I've never gotten into this hobby so it means they are quite disorganised. Can anyone recommend where to have them valued so that I can sell them to someone who knows what they are doing. Would the best way to sell them be as a whole?:P

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I would suggest


1) that you find out where your nearest coin club is

SAAND advise that the following coin clubs are running at the moment in South Africa:


The South African Numismatic Society Cape Town.

The Natal Numismatic Society Durban

The National Numismatic Society Johannesburg

Pietermaritzburg Numismatic Society Pietermaritzburg

The SA Military Medal Society Johannesburg

The Border Numismatic Society Eastern Cape


2) That you get the contact details of that club closest club to you by putting another post in this thread.


3) That you contact that club and see if one of their members can help you


(oh, and get a second opinion on the advice received!)


Kind regards



Scott Balson

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