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Can anyone confirm the legal status of these plants in SA...

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Psychoactive - Peruvian Torch Cactus Plant Cuttings






Psychoactive - San Pedro Cactus Plant Cuttings



Just interested to know, I can't really find any good source of info regarding this (legal status).

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Guest bob admin

Hi bigwoop,


Welcome to Bidorbuy and the Forum.


Why don't you ask the seller ?





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Seeds and All

Hi bigwoop & welcome to the forum,


Thanks for posting about these unusual plants. These plants and their seeds are completely legal to own & sell in South Africa. We know this for a fact because we had it checked out by both bidorbuy and the South African Police.


So feel free to place your orders. :wink: You won't get into any trouble. Just don't try to sell processed mescaline in South Africa. That will really get you into trouble. 8)


Click Here to go to our Peruvian Torch Listings on bidorbuy


Click Here to go to our San Pedro Listings on bidorbuy

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