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Guest MacMuffin

Your listings and external links (make sure Google loves you)

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Guest MacMuffin

Just a quick notice to all sellers regarding the descriptions of your listings and the usage of links.


We have recently noticed an increase in copy&paste listings where content is taken from Amazon and other online ecommerce sites. While in most cases you are infringing copyright by posting content and pictures from those websites on BoB (unless you have express permission to do so), Google also hurts us, because the links posted are relative.


To illustrate on the following listing (no intention to put kingmidasgold2 on the spot, but there are hundreds of sellers out there having the same issue)


The listing has very good description and content. It has links to extra content:



Unfortunately the links, such as /wiki/Paarl are wrong and any visitor will get an error message clicking on it as the link /wiki/Paarl is a relative link and a browser will try and find it on www.bidorbuy.co.za/wiki/Paarl which does not exist. The URL should have pointed to an absolute URL to the Wikipedia instead which is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paarl



There is nothing wrong with referencing content from Wikipedia or other sites (granted you have obtained permission), but incorrect links will

  • Frustrate your buyers, as the links are invalid and produce an error page
  • Reduce your visibility on Google, as your item page is ranked lower due to those link errors


In the example above, the correct way should have been:

.... Paarl ....


BTW: If you add a target="_blank" to your link, it will open in a new window, and your buyers don't lose your page.


We will not correct your listings, and if you want to ensure extra exposure, please ensure to correct your listings (if you click on a link and it produces an error, your listing is wrong)

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