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Security issue

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I just received the following email:




We have changed our Email Adress and Username on BidOrBuy


Old Email Address :


New Email Address :


Old Username : Cyber1211


New Username : GameMania


Thank you


Kind Regards




It came from:


Admin 1 Admin


and was sent to:


Roger Stace; Rachel van der spuy; Aurelie de Roer; Cyril Rudling; Grant Roper; Phillip Janse van Rensburg; Retz; warren robson; Ruaan Huisamen; Riaan Jacobs; Reo Elliott; R Govender; Wynand Roets; Mark Terblanche; T.C. Matibiri; The Real Mccoy; Tobias Loubser; Bevan; Ernest Hambley; hennie; homeentertainment; Solanche Schoeman, bidorbuy Customer Support; hendrik van der walt; Jacques Haasbroek


Luckely this is not my username and I can still gain access. Just thought I should tell you this. Don't know where to post this to...



Jacobsr (Riaan Jacobs)

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Hi jacobsr,


This looks like an email from a seller that changed his username then just let everyone he had dealings with on bidorbuy know about it. Please look in your profile if you had any dealings with him, would be under GameMania now.

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