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Terminology Termed

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Hi All ,


Looking for a coin on the search function can become somewhat frustrating.


Can we agree to disagree on what terms should or should not be posted on sellers listing to make life easy for sellers and buyers alike



I have noticed the following examples of listings

1/4D = Quarter Penny , 1/4 Penny , Farthing

1/2D = Half Penny , Halfpenny, 1/2 penny

1D = Penny ,

3D = Tickey, Threepence , Three Pence, 3 Pence

6D = Sixpence , 6 Pence , 6D , Six Pence

S = shilling , 1 shilling , One Shilling

2S = 2 Shilling , Two Shilling , Florin

2/6S = 2/6 shilling , 2 and a half shilling , Halfcrown , Half Crown

5S = 5 shillling , 5 shillings , Crown , Five Shilling

Pond = Pond , 1 Pond, One Pond , Pound . ponde,

1/2 Pond = Half pond , Halfpond, 1/2 pond

and the list goes on ,


Now i know why my "quarterpenny" couldn't sell as fast as another sellers "Farthing"


How do we relay a set "code" of terminology down to buyers and sellers .....



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The easiest solution is for BOB to include each denomination in the list set-up seperately. For example, when I perform a search on South African coins, I see options for "Union" and then "graded' but not by denomination.

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I would suggest that you simply incorporate all the various name's for the specific coin you listing into your main layout page on the listing. This way your coin will certainly feature in a search.



While we are on the subject of terms and language here some interesting English - Afrikaans terms seldom heard or seen:


Numismatist - Numismaat


Farthing - Oortjie

Halfpenny - Stuiwer

Penny - Oulap

Threepence - Trippens

Tickey - Tiekie

Sixpence - Sikspens

Shilling - Sjieling

Florin - Floryn

Half-a-crown - Halfkroon

Crown - Kroon

Five shillings - Vyf Sjielings


and then for the graders out there


Poor - Swak

Fine - Mooi

Very Fine - Baie Mooi

Extremely Fine - Uitermate Mooi

Uncirculated Coin - Ongesikuleerde kondisie

Brilliant Unc or F.D.C "Fleur de Coin" - Muntkondisie

Specimen coin - Proefmuntstuk i.e PROOF COINS

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