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Cali Craft and Gems

Listings vanishing!

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Cali Craft and Gems

This can be a potential disaster in the making if an affected seller doesn't discover this problem quickly!


I have (or should I say had) 936 buy now listings open. All are on autorelist and are updated on a daily basis so that the relist "number" is never less than 5 times to go. This is to ensure that all the items in one section of my office are always online - which leaves about 2/3 of the office still to deal with!


With the changes in the Craft / Beading category, several items have not been "allocated" a new sub-category as I am still awaiting a reply on my other thread (under Crafts).


I go to the listing under my seller section where it gives you the option to relist, edit, close, delete, etc. and on some listings the "edit" is GONE!


When the listing closes and should therefore relist, it just VANISHES! With so many listings open, and trying to follow a strict timing schedule (3 buy now items maximum every half hour), this is a catastrophe!


Now I have to go through the closed listings to try and find the "missing" listings by comparing it to the "items open for sale" lists. Thankfully I picked this up early and not days down the line!


There goes my weekend! I'm stuck in the office instead trying to sort out this ongoing mess!



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