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Is this fair?

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I received a negative rating from a buyer:

lady1209 's comment is

will you please reply to my emails. Already paid for package and still not even a tracking number!!!?????!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!??????


I have proof that I emailed the tracking no. to her, she says she has been trying to contact me for days, and as yet I have failed to find the proof of her emails, not in my inbox or spambox. I emailed her my proof and forwarded it to bob - yet where is her proof of mail she sent me - Nada, niks, zero! I think she is lying.


So she changes my rating to a positive a few minutes later. And then once more a few minutes later back to a neutral:

lady1209 's comment is

i'll keep my eye on the post and edit again once i've received my package. Thanks for the response


This is my T&C's -



Loss/Damage in Transit: Shipping via SAPO is at the Buyers Choice, Risk & Onus

  • We do not accept responsibility for items that have gone astray or lost or been damaged or tampered with during transit - issues with SAPO are the responsibility of the Buyer, upon request we will supply a copy of the receipt for the parcel containing the tracking no. via email and the onus is on the RECIPIENT to make further claim against S.A.P.O. - the only exception is where the optional additional Insurance has been opted for at the charge of 2% of the parcel cost in which case we will offer a refund or replacement.

So, I would just like to know, is her negative rating now fair when I very clearly have my terms of sale stated, and it is the buyers choice whether or not to take the risk of buying online?


Suffice to say this buyer will not buy from me again.




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I recommend that you tell her, very clearly, that she take the tracking number you have given her in to her local PO and, if the parcel is not there, that she give them a written enquiry as to her parcel's whereabouts. (Some PO's have a special form which should be completed.) It is no good that she just "keeps her eye on her post" - she needs to go to the PO with her tracking number!


Have you tried checking the tracking number on SAPO: The South African Post Office or ww.parceltrack.co.za? I know that it is not always up-to-date but you might strike it lucky and find out where the parcel is.


You don't say when you sent the parcel to her - if it is more than 7 working days ago then enquiries must be made as to its whereabouts! For your own information, perhaps you could make this enquiry?


Whilst I feel the buyer has not been fair in her rating of you before things are sorted out, I do think there is an onus on a seller to try and help trace a missing parcel.


Hope my opinion helps you, Sandy.

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and as yet I have failed to find the proof of her emails, not in my inbox or spambox.


I have the following problem with Gmail occasionally.. (so if you're also on gmail, and use outlook as your mail client)

I am told an email has been sent, but it's nowhere to be found.. i go to the online version of gmail and it's in *that* spam box, but never made it to the outlook version of same.


Nonetheless, contact Bidorbuy and tell them someone is revenge rating you.

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