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RAG Auctioneers

ATT: Cuan / BOB - Trade brokers list

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RAG Auctioneers

Hi there,


Just some feedback with regards to the Trade brokers list.


We had a guy phone us last week, he wants us to sell his goods. (We made a deal, but thats besides the point)


He said 80% of the guys he phoned on the list said they "Dont do Bidorbuy anymore".

He even showed me the print out of all the trade brokers and tried everyone until he got to us (which is pretty far down the list).


He said the list is highly outdated.


We have had 2 other people phone us with regards to being trade brokers - and I am sure they also went down the list.


I just thought I would share this to you guys - maybe you could look into it.

It is pointless having hundreds of trade brokers when half of them dont do it anymore.


Thanks for reading.


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