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Spotting ZAR Forgeries and Fakes

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How many of us can easily spot a forged ZAR pond or half pond. In his book, The Coinage and Counterfeits of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, written some 36 years ago, Mr Eli Levine says on page 97 that There are very few numismatists who can spot forgeries within a split second. Its a sort of a sixth sense. He goes on to say that one, Mr Peter Bowles, spotted forgery F27 listed in his book, from a sheet of ponde in a split second. Mr Levine acknowledged the numismatic skills of Mr Peter Bowles as a rare find. Now that takes some doing.




I have a few forgeries in my collection and I have shown two here. The one being the famous 1900 re-strike ponde which were struck off the original dies, and the second being a 1897 Half Pond which has the initial F stamped on the obverse of the coin. Now not having the skills like Mr Peter Bowles or Mr Eli Levine, I could not find a fault with the 1897 half pond. In the early 70's it was said the Mr Levine would stamp all forged and fake coins with a counter stamp F.


As Pontius Pilot said of Je5us "I Find No Fault In This Man" Like wise, "I Find No Fault In This Coin"


I will leave the judging to the forum.





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