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Victorian Threepence inside a ZAR coin Two examples

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Hello all,


There are many ZAR coins that have been engraved and this seemed to be a fashion aroundabout the time of the Anglo-boer war. Many collectors have an interest in these engraved coins and a boer hat and pipe variety done in the concentration camps is well known.


Here are two ZAR coins that have a Victorian Threepence inserted where the ZAR coat of arms occurs on the Reverse. It fits the circle perfectly and the technique of insertion must involve coring out sufficient metal to insert the threepence and then some form of heating to get it to stay in place by welding. The Obverse of each coin shows no compensatory bulging so there was no pressure involved in the insert.


Was this the work of a British Soldier or a Boer?


The Two Shilling came from a Jo-burg Coin show dealer and the Penny from the UK. I have never seen another example. Have you??


Thanks for looking.



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Guest Guest

Hi Georg


A very unusual and skillful trench art adaptation.


I have had one of these pieces with the young head Queen Victoria for over 30 years.



Kind regards


Scott Balson

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