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Misleading Listings

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Hello All-this Is Something That Needs To Be Addressed-I Often See Many Incorrect Descriptions And Often These Are Calculated Decisions By Many Sellers To Blatantly Mislead Buyers-the Problem Here Is That I As A Seller Cannot Point These Out To The Other Sellers As I Am Then Opening Myself To Reprisals As A Successful Seller Breeds Jealousy And Will Be Targeted By Unscrupulous Sellers Who Will Go To Extremes To Try And Degrade The Excellent Work One Is Doing-this Has Happened To Me On Occasion-i Suggest That An Experienced Buyer Or Buyers Should Appoint Him/herself The Watchdog And Thus Inform Community Watch And The Offending Seller Of The Incorrect Description,pricing Or Blatant Error-some Record Should Be Kept And A Follow Up Notification Should Be Issued To Regular Offenders-once Is An Error,twice Is Incompetent And Three Times Is Being Dishonest!!!as We All Wish To Keep This Site Ethical And Promote The Business Or Pleasure Of Stamp Collecting To All We Need To Ensure That This Is Done In An Ethical Manner-what Do All Interested Parties Think-??regards,neil

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Hello All

This is something that needs to be addressed - I often see many incorrect descriptions and often these are calculated decisions by many sellers to blatantly mislead buyers.

The problem here is that I as a seller cannot point these out to the other sellers as I am then opening myself to reprisals as a successful seller breeds jealousy and will be targeted by unscrupulous sellers who will go to extremes to try and degrade the excellent work one is doing

This has happened to me on occasion - I suggest that an experienced buyer or buyers should appoint him/herself the watchdog and thus inform community watch and the offending seller of the incorrect description, pricing or blatant error

Some record should be kept and a follow up notification should be issued to regular offenders

Once is an error, twice is incompetent and three times is being dishonest!!! As we all wish to keep this site ethical and promote the business or pleasure of stamp collecting to all we need to ensure that this is done in an ethical manner.

What do all interested parties think-??

Regards, Neil

Hi Neil

I'm a very new Baby BoBber meself and also wanted to know about this so did a lot of reading in the forum first and discovered that...


The forum is where all that stuff IS already happening and there are many avenues to follow to ensure that misleading / misrepresentative / fraudulent sellers are hauled up by the short and curlies... Many frauds have already been soundly outed and ousted.


The Community Watch Forum is probably the one you need. There are plenty of buyers and sellers who ARE playing the 'watchdog' role of which you write.


PS. Found your message REALLY difficult to read with the capitalisation and lack of spaces between sentences. Have taken the liberty of re-formatting it (I had to in order to read it, because I kept losing my place)

Have a look at some of the forum 'rules' about how to post items and you'll see that keeping things readable is one of the recommendations... Happy posting!:)

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Hi Neil


I agree with you but the problem for BoB is who do they get to police the descriptions used ? This is a technical hobby and one would need to have someone who knows the hobby. There are many experts in the other fields like antiques, paintings, gemstones etc.


The items are policed by us the collectors/dealers who buy and sell. As a collector myself, if I see a description or listing that is wrong, I will confront the seller. This should be raised as a question to the seller who then has to respond and correct the description if necessary.


One would not have to guard against just the sellers who continually mis-describe the lots but also those on the other side who target sellers unfairly. I have heard of sellers who are continually bombarded by the same "buyers" with frivolous queries and then the seller gets a bad reputation.


Where BoB does not have the resources to pick up this abuse, they rely on us to expose these crooks.

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Hi all


I think a lot of the time the ads are wrongly described purely through ignorance...an an example there was a seller in January I think it was who reported quite honestly on Community Watch that he used my ads as a guide line for his selling prices.......all very good unfortunately due to knowing so little about what he was selling he forgot to take into consideration varieties etc. Unfortunately some sellers/buyers think that having a stamp catalogue is all they need to give them all the info needed about stamps.


I think where an experienced buyer or seller picks this up in an ad, as David says, raise this issue as a question alternatively you could report it through Community Watch.


Appointing a watchdog is all very well and good excepting that what if that watchdog happens to be a good friend of yours, or a good friend of mine or alternatively a very bad buyer/seller you have dealt with or a very bad buyer/seller I have dealt with? & this applies to each & every seller and buyer on BoB.


Obviously if a buyer is going to spend a lot of money on a stamp, they should tread carefully.........if eg: an experienced seller is selling a 1913/16 King George V 1 Pound selling for R10.00, something is not quite right.

That said though, there are bargains aplenty to be had on BoB, as a buyer you just need to exercise a bit of caution and if unsure.........ask questions, 1000 questions if need be.


My 2c worth.


David, Neil & MsPlod....have a great day.



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