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Only grade with the good ones

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Why we should stick to the good grading services:


I have always looked at NNC graded coins with alot of suspect.


Justified: NNC will grade a coin that has been cleaned and polished WITHOUT indication. How can one trust such a company! it seems to very well known in the states - con a buyer - grade NNC. I see there are a couple of NNC coins on BOB.


I bought a NNC 1893 1/2 crown au50 on ebay - what a crock of s**t, coin at best VG, ultra cleaned and polished with a serious amount of brasso! I had to put on the sunglasses it shined so much. $124 down the tubes.


The question now is - come the Consumer Protection Act, not valid in the states, would in reality mean - buy a NNC graded MS coin - seller carries the can! The buyer will be within his rights to claim equal value! As in I buy a MS62 1893 shilling (uber coin) NNC graded - coin is not nearly as indicated - seller is liable for fair value payment on the coin!!!!!! Mega bucks! Buyer can claim equal value.


Just a thought on how careful we are going to have to be when selling coins. Shows, stick to the grading co's that have a reputation. NGC and PCGS.


Hopefully we will see SAGCS in the same light soon. Local would be nice would it not!

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Proof coins at eBay - very risky!!!




Are you sure the coin holders are genuine? There are a lot of fake NGC and PCGS coin holders coming out of China since about two years. Have you checked the serial number?

Sometimes the coin holder is genuine but the coin has been exchanged.


Buying proof coins at Ebay, this is very risky!!!

Example: The German 1952 Germanisches Museum 5 Marks commemorative coin was issued at a mintage of 1.200 pieces in proof condition. In the past years there have been a multiple of them sold at eBay. How is this possible? Sandblasting and polishing the common issue and selling them as "proof" to the unknown. Some "coin dealers" there in Germany are specialised in these tricks. Very sad story...

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